two, no; three more applications to point towards.

That was quick.

The first two came to me, it was crazy.

These two, these two crazy apps (same gig//two separate genres), I’ve been dis(a)pointed from them two years in a row. But still I get these personal invitations from the dean warmly  welcoming me to apply myself. Again. And again. Don’t you think they should waive the fee if and by the time they are inviting you to throw your hat to the wolves//in the rings? I’m gonna need that money for new hats! I know, I know. Wolf care is very expensive, I’ve heard the speeches and the screeches-

What a racket it all is.

You know, you’re gonna find it hard to carve out writing time in between all these various self applications.

You’re also gonna find it hard to know yourself.

Don’t lose yourself in the application(s).

It’s a racket. A racket in a bucket.

Oh the third? A grant. Now grants are fun. I have an uncomplicated theory that grant writing is writing. You learn a lot about your project(s) when forced to propose a budget.

It’s not you, it’s your project. You may be worthless (hello depression), but your project has a singular price.



Arms up, look alive-


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